About Us

Owners Paul and Julie Schifflin opened Blue Ridge Smokehouse in the spring of 2008, as a result of years of dealing with a very unique food situation. You see, their youngest daughter Meg developed severe food allergies at a very young age and they soon discovered the only meat she was not allergic to was pork. Needless to say, with 4 big brothers to feed also, coming up with new ways to cook pork became a challenge. So, with a limited choice in meat and a wood fired smoker Paul and Julie began the journey into low and slow cooked BBQ. As they progressed in their knowledge and experience with pulled pork and ribs, they began to try other regional specialties like Texas Beef Brisket and Pulled Chicken. It seemed their problem was solved; Meg enjoyed awesome pulled pork and ribs and the boys could have the occasional beef and chicken. Well, along the way something interesting happened. Their family and friends would try the slow smoked, tender and juicy BBQ and asked if they could get some too. Soon there were friends dropping by with 20 pounds of pork butt and asking if Paul could smoke them. Now you might think this an inconvenience; but with Paul's passion for food and Julie's financial management skills, an idea was born - Blue Ridge Smokehouse.

Although we are a small, family owned operation we take great pride in producing big flavor in our slow smoked BBQ meats.

Thanks for taking the time to find out about us and please give us the opportunity to find out about you. Try our BBQ and send us feedback, we are always looking for ways to improve.

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